Here’s what the experts say about Culture Cubs:

Culture Cubs transports children, no matter where they are in the world, out of their normal classroom setting and provides them with a series of Chinese cultural and language adventures... It not only generates interest and understanding of Chinese culture amongst our English-speaking children, but also fosters an interest amongst our Chinese-speaking students in learning about Western culture and the English language itself… I have always believed that language teaching should be fun and interactive. Children learn better when they are enjoying themselves and respond well to materials which they can relate to easily.

- Sean Leubin, Head of Chinese Studies, Canadian International School of Hong Kong

As a parent who is trying to encourage my children to learn both English and Mandarin, I know how “slim” the choices of bilingual media programming are.  My kids get exhausted and distracted by the high-speed, high-tech “MTV-style” of programming, but are easily bored by the more traditional Mandarin language programming.  This video successfully fills a gap in early-childhood Mandarin/English educational programming with an innovative series that appeals to both parents and kids.   Simply play this video for a room full of 3-4 year olds and their parents and you’ll find both groups to be equally charmed

-Lucy Cummings, PhD, London

Culture Cubs is well designed from the educational and motivational standpoint. It develops the learner’s concepts and skills in a way that sustains attention, being sufficiently entertaining (yes, even an adult can enjoy it, and incidentally learn a little Mandarin) to ensure active participation from beginning to end.

– Francis Mechner, Ph.D., New York

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