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  1. Multilingualism

  2. Get your kids off to a great start by immersing them in the sounds and tones of Mandarin. Studies show that children are born to be multi-lingual and it’s never too early to start.

  1. “I can do that!”

  2. CULTURE CUBS engages children so they learn naturally. Our cast includes multi-cultural, multi-lingual children, giving kids the confidence to think, “I can do that!”

  1. Great Music

  2. Features singable songs in Mandarin and English by accomplished musicians in English and Chinese.

No annoying kiddie music!

Join Huckleberry, the American teddy bear, and Xiao Long, the kung fu panda, on amazing adventures that entertain and build vocabulary. Featuring animation, art, kung fu, dance, music and more, Culture Cubs makes learning fun for everyone!

  1. Brain Development

  2. Learning Chinese is a great way to stimulate children’s brain development. It improves right and left brain communication and helps children succeed in all areas of academics including math, music and art.

Bilingual DVDs for kids age 0-7 that make learning Mandarin fun!

chinese lessons

mandarin lessons

Kids learning Chinese

Mandarin kids

Bilingual kids


Chinese culture for kids

Fun Chinese

Bilingual songs

Mandarin lessons

chinese lessons



mandarin school

chinese school

chinese class

mandarin class

Mandarin class


mandarin educational materials

educational materials

mandarin school

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