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CULTURE CUBS®, the bilingual Mandarin-English DVD series, is now available worldwide and quickly gaining popularity as a friendly, entertaining way of teaching both Mandarin and English to children. It features two lovable bears, Huckleberry and Xiao Long. One speaks English and the other speaks Mandarin, and they’re the best of friends. Together they explore each other’s language and culture, teaching vocabulary as they play in their entirely bilingual world. Finally, a Mandarin program that appeals to Western children.

CULTURE CUBS teaches through the arts featuring animation, dance, songs, kung fu, art and a cast of amazing bilingual, multicultural, multilingual kids. It also features notable director/actress Crystal Kwok in the roll of a Mom who’s learning Mandarin along with the viewers. Kwok is also the series director, deftly handling a cast that includes what’s traditionally known as the most difficult talent pool – children and animals.  The show is bright, colorful, vibrant and exciting - changing scene from minute to minute in a way that captivates even the youngest of viewers. It also features a fantastic theme song sung by Chinese pop star, Joyce Lee.

CULTURE CUBS is the brainchild of Crystal Kwok and American producer, Lauren Cooper, who both wanted their children to learn Mandarin. They soon discovered a dearth of high quality, engaging material so they put their heads together and created CULTURE CUBS to fill that void. Three years later, they haven’t looked back and are creating new DVDs and expanding their business in a partnership that now spans both hemispheres. Lauren now lives in London where she’s spreading the word about CULTURE CUBS to the many British parents who are also eager for their young children to learn the language of the future. Three episodes are now available; Time to Eat, Time to Swim and Time to Meet the